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The compactor press TE02 / 15T has been designed to solve problems deriving from the storage and transport of large quantities of waste.


This machine, in fact, has the function of compacting and reducing urban and similar solid waste into bales of adjustable weight, reducing their volume and facilitating their handling.


The TE02 / 15T compactor press must be used exclusively for the compaction of urban solid waste or similar.


It is made up of:

  • a compacting tunnel inside which a shovel compresses the material against a front door
  • a horizontal door or guillotine isolates the tunnel from the hopper.


The entire structure is supported by four legs (please refer to the 3D representation).


The loading is normally performed by means of special conveyor belts which, unloading by fall into a hopper, fill the loading mouth of the compactor press. During compaction a horizontal shutter, moved by an oleodynamic cylinder called guillotine, isolates the compaction tunnel from the hopper.


The compaction of waste is performed by means of a mobile blade connected to a hydraulic compaction cylinder. At the front there is a compaction shutter, where the shovel uses the maximum pressure to form a “bale” of compacted waste. This shutter is raised hydraulically, leaving the entire internal section of the press completely free, and therefore facilitates the transfer of the “bale” to the means used for reception.


The machine is marked “CE” in accordance with the standards of the European Community described in the directives:

2006/42/EC (Machinery Directive)

2004/108/EC (Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive)