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Teuman designs and manufactures, with suitable construction techniques, waste compactors for the collection of municipal solid waste. According to the customer’s needs, waste compactors can be from a minimum of 6 cubic meters to a maximum of 25 cubic meters, eventually also equipped with a double chamber.


Teuman compactors are manufactured in compliance with the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC ad all the regulations in force in Italy / European Community (EC) and are suitable for the collection of any type of waste.


Compactors operate by means of a hydraulic system.

Compactors consist of a shutter-closed structure on which loading and compaction is performed.

Compactor body is manufactured with high resistance electro-welded steel sheets. The whole body is reinforced with steel profiles.

The front of the compactor body is provided with a sewage collection tray with drain pipe.

Loading system is rear, by means of a hopper.

Compaction ratio: 1/6


Electrical system operates through a push button panel which starts the compactor. It is also provided with a road signalling system which consists of rear lights, yellow rotating lights, work area lights, obstacle signalling lights, acoustic warnings.


Depending on customer’s needs, the compactor itself can be equipped with further accessories and / or customizations.

Painted in the required RAL color.